1 Zabbo's Online

Zabbo Way

The Zabbo Way is like a code of conduct, a guide to how Zabbos should act in the Hotel. Playing by the rules puts the fun in Zabbo!


Do chat


Be a chatterbox and get to know your fellow Zabbos! Make new friends, chat with old ones and have FUN!


Let your creativity run wild and really express yourself! From building epic rooms to creating awesome selfies - You could be the next Pixel Picasso!

Do create


Help a stranger, gain a friend! Always be helpful to other Zabbos - you never know when you might need help yourself.


Build your own furni empire and trade your way to the top! If you have a nose for business, use the Marketplace to sell items and stock up on credits.

Do play games

Play & host games

Play games with friends, get in the competitive spirit and kick butt! Or create your own games and get popular! Successful games means other Zabbos will want to join and swamp your room with fun.

Make friends

Have fun, hang out and you might just make a great pixel friend…


Don't troll


No one likes trolls, not even their mothers! Bullying in Zabbo will not be tolerated.

Scam or script

Make it, don't fake it! No one likes a trickster. Stealing doesn't make you rich, it makes you a criminal.

Trick or cheat

Cheaters and tricksters never prosper; they just spoil everyone else's Zabbo experience.

Don't sell for real money

Sell for real money

Never sell your furni, account, password or anything in the game for real money. You will lose everything, plus you'll have wasted all the time and effort it took to collect those things!


Cybering is strictly forbidden. Cam requests will result in punishment. Remember: Never meet up with people you met online. They aren't always who they claim to be!

How to play

Get creative, get constructive, get social! See our tips on what to do in Zabbo.

Safety Tips

Protect yourself with awareness! Learn how to stay safe on the internet.


Curious about the effective tools that ensure our users can have fun in a safe environment? See our Parents' Guide on the Customer Support & Helpdesk pages.