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What is Zabbo?

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Zabbo is an online vintage pixel-art style virtual community where you can create your own avatar, make friends, chat, build rooms, design + play games and so much more! Almost anything is possible in this strange place full of awesome people…

More than just a game…

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Styling your avatar in the most on-trend styles isn't the only way to have fun in Zabbo. Want to be the architect of the century and build dazzling structures? Builders Club is for you! Want to show off your crazy game building skills and stump your friends? Join our competitions! Are you crazy about selfies and funny pics? Our Camera feature is endless fun!

Find your community

Do you love to chat and hang out with friends? Zabbo Groups, forums and Roleplaying communities are a great place to start. Join the army and suit up for duty, don your cape and save the universe, wear Zabbo Couture as you strut down the runway, become a nurse and save pixel lives. Join in and start exploring the endless role-playing possibilities!

Express yourself

Express yourself

Creativity and individuality are welcomed in Zabbo! Every week we have tons of awesome competitions for you to enter. From room building to Selfies, to pixel art videos and short story comps - there are tons of cool things to get your artistic juices flowing and win awesome achievements + prizes! Feeling creative? Check out our news to find out about fun weekly competitions!

Play free, forever.

Zabbo is a free to play game, so you can explore a vast world of rooms, complete quests, chat and win prizes without ever having to pay a thing!

Some in-game 'extras' like pets, Zabbo Club membership, Builders Club membership and furniture can be purchased with Zabbo Credits. For more info about in-game extras, head to the ZabboStore.

Always here to help…

Always here to help

The Hotel is moderated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also do a lot to make sure you stay safe on Zabbo and on the internet. Read our Safety Tips to find out how.

As a popular online virtual world we are proud to have great in-depth knowledge of online safety, following international guidelines set out by government groups and teen organisations.

Play on desktop, iPad, Android

The Zabbo world is waiting for you - take a peek, watch this video!

Check out loads of more videos on Habbo's YouTube page

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Get creative, get constructive, get social! See our tips on what to do in Zabbo.

Zabbo Way

Follow the Zabbo Way - a series of guidelines to keep you on the right side of fun!


Curious about the effective tools that ensure our users can have fun in a safe environment? See our Parents' Guide on the Customer Support & Helpdesk pages.