1 Zabbo's Online

How to play

You've styled your avatar, gotten comfy in your homeroom and you've been shown how a few things work by the Hotel Manager… So, what next?

Here are some ideas:


Explore rooms

Click the Navigator and choose one of the public rooms where you can chat with other Zabbos.

Ask to be friend

Make friends

Click on a Zabbo, ask them to be your friend or give them respect!

Habbo citizenship

Complete your Zabbo Citizenship

To get to know the Hotel a bit better, start by clicking on the Help tool in the the top right corner in the hotel.

Game Hub

Visit game rooms

Find the Game Hub in the list of public rooms in the navigator. Once there, use any of the arcade machines to go to a game room!


Go shopping

Go to the Duckets shop and see what your free duckets can get you!

Check out the latest activities

Visit the Home section of the website to find out all the latest news, competitions and general goings-on in Zabbo!

Once you've done a few of these, you will be well on your way to becoming a fully fledged Zabbo citizen!

Join Zabbo!

Haven't registered for Zabbo yet? Join now!

Zabbo Way

Follow the Zabbo Way - a series of guidelines to keep you on the right side of fun!

Safety Tips

Protect yourself with awareness! Learn how to stay safe on the internet.

Need Help?

Learn how to help yourself or how to get help on our Help page. It also contains a list of phone numbers and websites if you need someone to talk to.

If you can't find answers there, please see our Customer Support & Helpdesk pages.