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Posted on: 3 months ago Title: Zabbo Returns

Description: Read more about how Zabbo is back! Written By: ZabboNews

June 30 2023

Zabbo Returns

Woah! Is this real? What happened?

Yes, this is real. No you aren’t dreaming. Zabbo is back, and it isn’t going anywhere again.

To make a very long story short; around a year ago Zabbo’s was plagued by a long list of issues. The biggest being staff being targeted, causing some big changes to who and how the game was handled. Following these attacks Zabbo’s owner Justin had stepped down as an owner and sold the game. After ownership had changed, things got worse for the community. Owners that didn’t care about the eco, the staff, and more importantly you, the players. Eventually everything went belly up, and the game ended up being trashed. Rooms deleted, players ranked higher then the staff, and trolls running amok. The game shortly was shutdown from there with radio silence from the owners and staff team. The game was dead. That all changes today.

What’s next?  

  1. Zabbo is back

  2. Justin owns the game and has committed to making this a safe place to kick back and relax.

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